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Debut Feature Film

in development

A drama of plastic surgery vs. a synagogue, taking place in contemporary-distorted Israeli suburbia. While her husband wages all-out war to build a synagogue in their neighborhood, Levana, a 60-year-old woman, tries to maintain control over her life and body.



Present Progressive is a young project at the stages of script development. Elinor Nechemya is the screenwriter & director. The development began at 2014 with script consulting by Keren Yedaya. In 2015 Elinor teamed up with Israeli producers Estee and Haim Mecklberg from "2-Team Productions". The project had participated at BERLINALE 'Script Station' 2016 and in MIDPOINT 2015 script development workshop of FAMU. The project will soon be entering funding stages and co-production scouting. 

Genre Black Drama | Country of production Israel | Production Company 2-Team

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