"In this affecting and unique drama by Israel’s Elinor Nechemya, a boy’s delightful fantasy world collides with the harsh, grown-up realities he discovers at the refugee-aid centre where his mother works"


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Israel 2020, fiction short film, 15 min

Our Hearts Beat Like War is a seemingly simple straight forward story that turns into a fantastic excursion into a kid's wondrous mind, refining our ability for solidarity and compassion. The film was shot partly in a digital format and partly on 16mm film. The fantasy part of the film was shot in an old Bolex camera, using a hand crank technique. It was processed in the Kodak Film Lab in London.

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"Our Hearts Beat Like War" will premiere internationally at the Toronto International Film Festival 2020!


Icelandic Premiere at Reykjavik International Film Festival 2020!!

"Our Hearts Beat Like War" Israeli premiere at the Tel-Aviv International Student Film Festival, Indie Competition, will be in September 25 2020!

"Our Hearts Beat Like War" Swedish premiere at UPPSALA 2020!

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