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A young woman comes to visit home on weekend and gets picked up by her father. The broken dialog between the two slowly transforms and gets redefined through the memory of the grandmother, the man's mother, whose figure echoes in the daughter's behavior. The grandmother's character, a middle-eastern great mother, revives out of the living memories and open wounds. The mutual path home crosses through the distant story of a suppressed Arabic-Israeli woman and Arabic culture. Both of them are now being revisited by the Israeli man. 

CAST | Gefen Ganani | Ran Vered | Morad Mukchul | Asharf Ibrahim



Fat el Mead is a short film (14 minutes) that was made during my film studies at 'Minshar for Art'. It was shot in 2011 in Abu-Gosh village. The film premired in 2012.




Director & Screenwriter Elinor Nechemya | Producer Elinor Nechemya | Cinematographer Omer Lotan | Editor  Elinor Nechemya & Omer Lotan | Sound Design & mix Yinon Shomroni 





Assistant Director Tamar Rudoy | Sound Mixer Yinon Shomroni | Assistant Camera Nadav Huppert | Production Assistants Asaf Keidan | Online Omer Lotan  

Song by Umm Kulthum "Fat el Mead" 

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