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Experimental  short       14''     2017

A daughter's fantasy of her mother, elusively portrayed at her own magical house and garden. The mother's image and voice are deconstructed and assembled again into an intergenerational sonnet, reflecting the everlasting experience of being a woman, in a world of constant feminine evolution.

Israel 2017

Everlasting MOM is a totally independent production made by myself as a director, producer and writer along with my dear talented colleagues - my long-time cinematographer and editor, and finally my dear MOM. 
The film was shot in my mother's house in a Jerusalem suburb in Israel, with my mother as the only character on set. All the people in the crew had worked on this film voluntarily. We shot the film in super 16 mm and developed it in 'i-dailies' London.


Cinematography Daniel Miller | Editing Guy Nemesh  Music Tal Timor | Sound Design Michael Goorevich | On-line ori Alon

Teaser - Music inspired by Tindersticks - The Organist Entertains, performed by Tal Timor | Text by Adrienne Rich - North American Time.

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